Young Buck Readies Mixtape

Ousted G-Unit member Young Buck is planning his return to Hip Hop via a new mixtape.

"Streets wanna know what's going on with Buck and where I been at and all that good shit," said Buck on video. “The streets done waited long enough. So get ready, the mixtape is on the way."

"Straight up and if you a fan of Buck you already know what it is," he continued. "If you not a fan of Buck, then just pay attention 'cause at this point, I feel like I'm more focused than I've ever been in my career...I'm good people, I'm doing what you should be doing and that's surviving...Coming to a 'hood near you. Back on my Buck shit.”

The mixtape will be co-hosted by DJ Scream and DJ Smallz, which Buck claims will give him just the boost he needs to build anticipation for his work.

“That’s some big shit,” Buck stated. “[They] are two heavy mixtape deejays that fucks with the streets hard [and are] coming together to fuck with a nigga. I showed up heavy."

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