The Game Sides With 50 Cent In Rick Ross Beef

After profiting from taking verbal shots at each other for the better part of four years, former allies The Game and 50 Cent have finally agreed on something. When asked by Kube 93 FM's Eddie Francis about what he thought about the recent beef between 50 and Rick Ross, Game gave a surprsing answer.

"For the first time in like four years, man...I'm kinda lowkey riding with 50 on this one," Game joked. "This is like the first time in four years, I'm siding with dude. It's crazy. I don't know what's gonna come of it. Ross, call me homie; reach out to my folks so I can get you out of this mess, man."

After a very public dismissal from G-Unit in 2005, Game appeared on at least three songs with Ross, including Sean Kingston's "Colors" and the remix to Lloyd's "Girls Around the World". Having seen the Rick Ross video after his own "G-Unot" campaign, Game seemed amused and offered a bit of advice.

"He took his baby's mama shopping," Game said. "She's trying on fur coats with the Stevie Wonder jam in the background! Rick Ross, holla at your boy man. That boy 50 is eatin' you boy!"

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