Shwayze Making A Buzz In Malibu Buzzin Mtv Reality Show

WHO knew there was a trailer park in Malibu? You can hear all about it from Shwayze, the hip-hop artist and self-professed "only black kid in Malibu" who grew up there. Shwayze stars in a new reality series, "Buzzin' ," which chronicles his adventures with mentor/pal Cisco Adler, the son of acclaimed record producer Lou Adler.

Shwayze, whose real name is Aaron Smith, has the distinction of growing up in Malibu, the beach enclave associated with celebrities, glitz and glamour - but in the community's only trailer park. The aspiring entertainer, 22, was raised by his grandparents, and worked with his handyman grandfather until 2005 - when he was "discovered" in a Malibu club by Adler, who was performing with his band, Whitestarr.

Shwayze's first single, "Buzzin,' " made the Billboard Hot 100; his first album, "Shwayze," will be released next month, August 19, 2008
"They're living the Malibu lifestyle - Coronas and lime, cute girls and the beach." Also featured in "Buzzin' " are Warren - Shwayze's tour manager - and Jordan Schur, who runs the guys' record label, Suretone Records (which launched Ashlee Simpson) And, no - Shwayze's stage name isn't an homage to actor Patrick Swayze.

"Cisco just called him 'Shwayze' one day and it stuck," says an MTV spokeswoman.

Shwayze's "Buzzin" reality tv show aires on MTV.

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