Shooting At Jermaine Dupri Party Results In Injuries

According to, last night Jermaine Dupri's party at Atlanta club Dream resulted in gunfire, ending the event early. Guests included Nelly, Diddy and Usher.

Per the reports, the incident was the result of a dispute between several hopeful party-goers who grew violent with club staff after they were reportedly charging double entrance to the club's VIP section. Gunshots sent one security staff member to the hospital with arm injuries. The victim has already been released from the hospital.

This is not Dupri's first party to be interrupted by violence. In 1995, the So So Def mogul threw an Atlanta event in September 1995, that witnessed the shooting death of Jake Robles, an employee of Death Row Records. THe spark that set the big West and West coast feud and deaths of Tupac Shakur (2Pac) and Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.I.G.)

Per TMZ, there have been no reported arrests.

08.07.08 11:02 pm [ delete ]
WTF is wrong wit peoples ........always got to ruin parties shit!and hurt peoples in the process comeon ya'll, there are already enough stupid shit going on in the world and shit CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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