Rick Ross And Foxy Brown Confirm They Are Dating

Rappers Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are a couple, according to reports. Sources say the entertainers are in a serious relationship, which has Brown - a Brooklyn native - planning a move to Miami to be closer to Ross.

“They are in fact a couple. Rick Ross swept her off of her feet and this is gonna [be] the next Big Hip-Hop couple,” an inside souce says. “They both are in love.”

Foxy Brown, who recently ended a string of legal battles and a stint in prison, has reportedly grown close to Rick Ross’ family as well.

Born Inga Marchand, Foxy is working on her next album Black Roses. The CD is the follow up to Brooklyn's Don Diva, which apparently caused the dissolution of the rapper's relationship with former manager Chaz Williams. Foxy claims the album with pieced to together poorly while she was in prison, and blamed Williams for the bad result.

Ross, too, is currently working on a new album, to be entitled Deeper Than Rap. He is also getting set to launch his record label, The Maybach Music Group.

08.27.08 7:19 pm [ delete ]
happy for 'em. love is in the air yall
06.24.08 12:17 am [ delete ]
why ross?? you know DMX, KURUPT and JAY Z gotten at that...and your tryin to wife her LOL....
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