Rakim To Realease Solo Album The Seventh Seal

After, disappointed fans from his long awaited non-existed album in 7/07/07 and production differences with Aftermath producer Dr. Dre, Rakim plans to release "Seventh Seal" later this year (2008) via his new independent label Ra Records. He teased that a single could be out within two months but for now he’s still scouting for guest artists.

"At this point in my career I wanted to reach out and show a lot of artists love that have been giving me love." He hasn’t released an album since 1999’s "The Master".

07.22.08 11:23 pm [ delete ]
I believe it til' i see it motha fucka! Rakim had me fooled about his 2007 album release with Dr. Dre and that shit never happened... rakim = dope ass MC..and im not talkin about that faggot reggaeton RAKIM!
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