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Name: Uselly
Gender, Age: Female, 25
Location: PHOENIX, AZ
Member Since: 12.28.15 2:27 pm
Last Login: 07.01.16 1:59 pm
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I am a very successful classy woman who has very high
standers. And love a man who knows how to approach a
women very kind and respectfully. I enjoy making new
friends Men/Women who have a common taste in Music.
Although I keep it classy the music in which I enjoy
will surprise you. My favorite Rappers at the Moment
would be Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug hahaa SURPRISE!
As you all might have heard from one of the greatest
The Notorious BIG Quote I went from ASHY to Classy. Yes
I have a past and I have what you all call some ghetto
in me. But over the years I’ve adapted to become a
class in which is more successful in life providing
more opportunities and achievements, is where the quote
I Went from Ashy to Classy comes from. If you like to
chat feel free to SEND a Note or a Comment. Also please
rate me based on getting to know me not based by my
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12.28.15 3:17 pm [ delete ]
No worries beautiful
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