Notorious Movie Soundtrack To Feature Unreleased Big Tracks

According to the Hollywood Insider Wayne Barrow, producer of the late rapper's upcoming biopic Notorious, has found demo recordings from Biggie's early days prior to his career at Bad Boy Records.

"We kept everything as is, in its raw form," Barrow said. "This is what got him the deal, plain and simple. His fans have been asking for it for years."

Not much has been offered in the way of details, but the film's director George Tillman, Jr. assured a great compilation.

"That's what I'm excited for," said Tillman. "It's incredible stuff."

The soundtrack is expected to feature a mix of B.I.G's hits, as well as Jay-Z and Santogold's "Brooklyn Go Hard" (produced by Kanye West), in addition to a remixed version of "One More Chance" with the rapper's son, Christopher "CJ" Wallace.

The movie is set to release on January 16, 2009.

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