Man Files Suit To Collect Over 300k From Rich Boy

Man Files Suit To Collect Over $300K From Rich Boy

Whether Rich Boy lives up to his name or not, he'll soon be short over $300,000.

Chaz Mosley, a tax accountant from Mobile, Alabama, won a $337,500 judgment against the rapper on Sept. 12. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Mosley's lawyers have come to collect.

Ricardo Woods, the attorney handling the case, says he is not certain whether Rich Boy, real name Marece Richards, has any property in Atlanta, but he knows he hangs out in the city. Last week, Woods filed a lawsuit in Fulton County Superior Court in case the rapper has or purchases any assets in the county.

Mosley's suit stems from a July 17, 2005 incident which claimed that Richards and his brother Irvin O. Richards, Jr., shot at him in what was deemed a "fit of road rage."

The lawsuit stated Mosley was “returning from a gathering with friends” when the rapper's Cadillac shot without provocation in front of his car. Irving shot at the car with an assault rifle, and at least ten bullets penetrated the car, one of which shattered the headrest and sent fragments into Mosley's head.

Irving Richards, Jr. is currently serving a ten-year prison sentence after a entering a plea of guilty to an assault charge.

Meanwhile, Rich Boy received probation, and a jury found the rapper owed Mosley $312,500 in punitive damages, in addition to $25,000 in compensatory damages.

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