Ludacris Upcoming Sixth Album New Role In Film Max Payne

While not much has been heard or seen from multi-talented artist Ludacris within 2008, the Atlanta rapper is preparing to hit the commercial spotlight as he prepares his upcoming sixth album and a police chief role in a new film.

On set to being another impactful album to add to his collection, the DTP-front-man rapper looks to release Theater of the Mind this September. Not speaking vividly about the project, Ludacris did tell that it would be "theatrical" as it will focus on being a collection of his experiences up to this point.

Despite not having a first single chosen, he believes one will be coming out by June or July, Ludacris told Billboard. As of now, one track on the album is "Let's Stay Together" produced by DJ Paul from Three-6-Mafia.

Possibly ready to show the world his additional acting capabilities, Ludacris will be playing NYPD Deputy Police Chief Jim Bravura in the video game-based film Max Payne. For people unfamiliar with the actual game's storyline, Ludacris provided a brief synopsis.

"It's about how the Russian mob came to Europe and took over," he told Billboard.

Co-starring in the expected blockbuster hit will be Mark Wahlberg as the movie's release date is expected to be October 31st.

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