Ludacris New Album And Hopes To Feature Eminem

It will be a busy October for Ludacris, not only is the Atlanta rapper planning to release his highly anticipated sixth major release, Theater of the Mind, on Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam (October 21), but Luda will also co-star in the upcoming films Max Payne (October 17) and RocknRolla (October 31), according to

Theater of the Mind, for which Luda has had the concept at least since the release of his previous project, Release Therapy, is made up of tracks that act as short plots from movies. Featured guests such as T-Pain ("One More Drink"), The Game ("Call Up the Homies") and T.I. ("Wish You Would") are co-stars. Contributors on production include Dre & Vidal and 9th Wonder.

One track on the album, "Let's Stay Together," with hook and beat provided by Three 6 Mafia, Ludacris stars as a music fan, begging for artists to stop the beef and come together to make better music.

"Theater of the Mind is all of my albums put together," said Ludacris, who revealed he hopes to hook up with Eminem for the album. "There's the funny Ludacris, the serious Ludacris and the story-telling Ludacris as well as the movie-making Ludacris."

As for his upcoming movies, Ludacris co-stars alongside Gerard Butler, Thandie Newton and Jeremy Piven in RocknRolla, which is about a London real-estate scam. Max Payne is a loose adaptation of the videogame, which has Ludacris playing the role of deputy police chief Jim Bravura. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg in the title role and veteran actor Beau Bridges.

"This adaptation takes the storyline and the characters to a whole other level," said Ludacris of May Payne. "This is the first time I've played any kind of police role. It's funny ... in most movies, Mark plays the dominant role but my character is the dominant one over Mark. That was a power thing and I absolutely loved it."

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