Justin Timberlake To Work On Beyonce New Album

Beyonce doesn't want too much information out regarding her new album. The album is being kept closely guarded and details are hard to come by. It's so hard to come by that even the album title has yet to be announced.

Still, recently, more and more leaks are appearing. For now, we do know that Justin Timberlake worked on the LP.

"I'll be in the studio this week with Beyoncé. Who knows what will come out of that?" Justin Timberlake told MTV last week.

Producer Sean Garrett also worked on some tracks. He let the cat out of the big quickly earlier this year.

"I got to get a big secret out: Beyoncé!" he told MTV. "I just finished some incredible records with her. She's probably going to be mad at me for telling you all — sorry, B!"

According to the label, this album will be "her most personal, reflective and revelatory collection to-date." However, that doesn't say much in terms of detail. So, they went a step further and announced that two tracks will be released before the album is. "If I Were a Boy" and "Single Ladies" will be released soon.

A video has been shot but no word as to what song the video is for. More details will be revealed as they come.

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