Jim Jones Arrested For Unpaid Parking Tickets

Jim Jones was arrested on Sunday (April 5) night in New Jersey on an outstanding warrant.

Jones, who was driving a 2007 black Bentley, was stopped by police. Upon the discovery that he had an outstanding warrant for an unpaid parking ticked from 2005, he was arrested.

"Well, it didn't go the way I wanted," he updated. "I'm in the precinct, but I will have my phone, they ain't trippin'. They said just procedure."
According to local station WPIX, Jones paid the $120 parking ticket and was released in little over an hour.

Despite the incident, Jones got some amusement out of the situation. "Misssses officer let me go, the funny part was watching them have to count all the money in my pocket," he wrote. "I must say they were very cool."

He concluded the series of updates with some sage advice for his followers: "Make sure u pay old tickets."

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