Immortal Technique Performing To Raise Funds For Aid In Afghanistan

Immortal Technique will perform Nov. 20 in San Francisco at the DNA Lounge to raise funds for Omeid International, a human rights organization.

The money raised will aid Omeid International’s plans to construct a medical center and medical center in Kabul, Afghanistan. In addition to the performance, Technique is also putting up $10,000 of his own money and traveling to the region to make sure construction is completed.

"My people this was not brought to you by some corporate sponsor, nor was it manufactured by some organization that takes 60% of the $ donated for "administrative" purposes. I am not a millionaire. I am not a movie star or a charity organization. I am just a man that heard the call and responded,” Technique said of his involvement.

Set for a March 2009 opening, the Amin Institute will aid in the care and rehabilitation of some two million orphaned and 60,000 homeless children in Afghanistan. Safe housing, medical care, education and psychiatric services will be provided to twenty displaced children.

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Immortal Tech is also doing a show out in Riverside from what I had heard, too.
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