Houston Radio Kpft Pays Tribute To Pimp C

At midnight, it will be one year since Chad "Pimp C" Butler tragically died last year. The rapper and producer, one half of UGK, has been honored throughout the year since, notably Bun B's "Angel In The Sky", and through memorial shirts and lyrics.

Houston's KPFT 90.1 FM radio will honor the Texas rap pioneer with a three hour radio show at midnight tonight, to bring in the one year anniversary with music, commentary and heartfelt praise of Pimp C. The show will also broadcast on 89.5 FM in Galveston.

Invited call-ins and guests include David Banner, DJ Paul, Greg Nice, Pimp's mother "Mama Wes" and others. Bun B will be in the studio to help orchestrate the event.

Matt Sonzala, the radio personality, webmaster and journalist said in a statement, "It's one of the Hip Hop deaths that I am sickest about. How many of our leaders have to die? Think about those who have passed in our community, almost all of them were leaders. [DJ] Screw, Fat Pat, [Big] Hawk, Big Mello, Big Moe, all changed the game in some way, shape or form. They're not the only ones. We can't forget [Tupac Shakur], Biggie, Big L, hell, we can't forget Scott La Rock, all leaders. Pimp C was a leader too. He was a man respected 'cause he built his own lane and stayed in it and dominated it. He and Bun B are the backbone of this southern rap movement. The mentors, the true Kings. I thank God that we still have Bun B in our presence [tonight.]" Sonzala closed in saying, "I am sure more Houston folk will join us to relay some stories."

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