G Unit New Album Terminate On Sight July 1

Terminate on Sight is the second studio album from the rap group G-Unit. The title of the album was originally announced to be Shoot to Kill and then Lock & Load, with the eventual name being Terminate on Sight. The album was originally scheduled to be released on June 24th 2008, which, at the time, was the same day as former G-Unit member The Game’s album L.A.X. and rapper Nelly’s Brass Knuckles. The date was then changed by Interscope to July 1.

Tony Yayo confirmed that Timbaland and Swizz Beatz will be providing production for the album, quoting them as "the standout tracks" and his "favorites." Tony Yayo has also confirmed that Ron Browz has produced for the album. In an interview with HipHopGame, G-Unit also revealed that production will be provided by Polow da Don as well as some relatively new producers.

The first promotional track entitled "Wanna Lick" features Lil’ Kim.The collaboration was made possible due to Young Buck bringing 50 Cent and Lil’ Kim together to reconcile, which ended the feud between the two artists that started shortly after "Magic Stick" was released in 2003.

Tracklisting :

"The Party Ain’t Over" G-Unit & Young Buck
"I Like The Way She Do It" G-Unit & Young Buck
"I Get Down" G-Unit
"Rider Pt. 2" G-Unit & Young Buck
"Untitled" 50 Cent & Eminem prod by Dr. Dre
"Straight Outta Southside"
"Death Around The Corner"
"No Days Off"

06.25.08 11:19 pm [ delete ]
This is gonna be a tight album.. G unit is dope...i dont care what anyone says... they got Dr Dre....producin on this
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