Dmx Ordered To Pay 240000k In 2004 Road Rage Incident

A New York Judge has ordered rapper DMX to pay $240,000 for assaulting a man at the JFK International Airport while posing as an FBI agent. In addition to these charges, the jury also held him liable for the emotional distress of the man’s mother and 12 year-old daughter.

The incident, which occurred in June of 2004, finally reached a verdict after a three-day trial. According to The Journal News, the victim, Sergei Priporin, claimed that DMX used a police light and siren to force him to pull over at the airport. X allegedly assaulted him and tried to make him get out of the car by claiming to be an FBI agent.

DMX was soon after arrested by police after crashing through a gate as he fled the scene. He pleaded guilty to charges in the case and was forced to give up his Ford Expedition and $1,000 as a settlement. However, Priporin filed a civil lawsuit and is demanding $4 million each, for his mother, his daughter, and himself.

“It really doesn’t matter whether he’s a celebrity or not,” said Priporin. “Every person has to be accountable and responsible for their actions.”

DMX’s lawyer, Rich Corde, admitted that his client pretended to be an FBI agent because he was late for a flight. But he also called the incident “a bad case of road rage where thankfully no one got hurt.”

“His vehicle looked like it was a police vehicle and he believed Mr. Priporin should've gotten out of the way," Corde explained. "When Mr. Priporin didn't get out of his way, he decided he should pull him over. He readily admits to making believe he was an FBI agent and telling Mr. Priporin to get out of the car. He denies striking him or trying to pull him out of the car.”

DMX is currently serving a 90-day sentence for theft, drug possession, and misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals. He also faces charges of aggravated assault for allegedly throwing a dinner tray at an Arizona Tent City Jail correctional officer.

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wow only a *Crack head* would pose as an FBI agent lol
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now this is one crazy mofo!!! but dmx is da shit!!
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Fuk that shit that type of shit allways happens in tha hood jus cuz he gots money tha fukin pussy wants to tax him FUCK THA GOVERMENT
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