Chris Brown Looses Deal Hires Attorney Rihanna Is Fine

As rumors circulate and new information is slowly being revealed about the recent unfortunate events surrounding R&B singers Chris Brown and girlfriend Rihanna, both artists are already feeling the backlash.

After leaving Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy bash at around 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, 19 year-old Brown reportedly got into a physical altercation that left a female victim with visible bruises and cuts to her face. Later on, police confirmed that the victim was indeed pop singer, Rihanna. Both artists, who were scheduled to perform that night at the Grammy Awards, bowed out of the night’s events. Brown turned himself in later on that evening and was released hours later on $50,000 bail. After being arrested and facing charges of making criminal threats, Brown has hired criminal attorney Mark Geragos who is most known for defending Pop star Michael Jackson and actress Winona Ryder.

According to Yahoo News, one of Brown’s major sponsors, Wrigley Gum, is planning to distance itself from the singer, whose latest single “Forever” reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100. The company will suspend Doublemint Gum ads featuring Chris Brown until the situation is settled. While Brown may lose a sponsor, sources at Def Jam have hinted that Rihanna may have to cancel an upcoming Asia tour. Scheduled to perform this week overseas, the incident may cause the 20 year-old entertainer to scrap those tour dates.

Rihanna Is 'Fine,' According To Her Grandmother 'I don't want people to worry,' singer's grandmother says.

While rumors swirl surrounding Rihanna's condition following an altercation with Chris Brown over the weekend, the singer's grandmother is speaking out saying she's "fine."

Clara Brathwaite reportedly told Barbadian newspaper Daily Nation Monday (February 9) that fans shouldn't worry about her granddaughter's health.

"I don't want people to worry," Brathwaite explained. "Rihanna is fine and she is doing well."

The Barbados-born singer's grandmother also shot down speculation that Rihanna endured a broken nose during the spat.

A number of reports, most notably from TMZ, are claiming that Rihanna suffered severe injuries as a result of an argument with Brown, her boyfriend of over a year — though their relationship was in the midst of a rough patch, according to sources. TMZ reported that Rihanna's injuries are "horrific," and include multiple contusions on her face resulting in swelling and bruising, along with alleged bite-marks on her body. The tabloid Web site also indicated the "Umbrella" star suffered a bloody nose and split lip.

Representatives for both artists notified Grammy organizers each singer wouldn't be attending the ceremony.

In the aftermath of the altercation, Brown's endorsement deal with Wrigley's has been suspended and he cancelled an appearance scheduled for this weekend at the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Rihanna also pulled out of an appearance, a concert set for overseas this weekend. The singer is cooperating with authorities who are investigating the incident. E! reported that a birthday bash set for the Def Jam artist later this month has been canceled by the label.

As of press time, reps for Brown or Rihanna have not commented any further on the matter.

02.14.09 7:10 pm [ delete ]
or tyra n mike lol 2 tha dude unda me
02.11.09 12:53 pm [ delete ]
Damn what a shame...Chris should already know what fame can do if it goes straight to the head. learn fom the past...our generation does not need another Bobby and whitney or an ike and tina(no disrespect but its the truth) to tarsnish the music we love. hope he gets his shit straight...same goes for Rihanna.
02.11.09 11:42 am [ delete ]
Chris brown beat rihanna with an UMBRELLA left her with NO AIR cause she was UNFAItHFUL then the cops showed up n he tried to RUN IT Lol..haha
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o wow .... CHRISSS YYYYYY lol ... but seriously Y ... u dnt even look like dat type of guy
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