Busta Rhymes Detained In London Airport

After confirming moving labels from Interscope to Universal this week veteran rapper Busta Rhymes was detained in London's City Airport after being deny entry to the UK. The block was as a result of the emcee's "unresolved convictions" in the United States.

Busta was entering London to perform tomorrow for an estimated audience of 5,000 at Rock Corps. John Legend is also slated to perform there.

Stephen Greene, co-founder of Rock Corps, told the BBC that Ludacris may be an "eleventh hour replacement," and may be traveling to the UK at press time to replace the apprehended Busta Rhymes. Detained in London, officials are determining whether or not Busta will be granted access to the UK at all.

Busta's attorney, Phillip Trott, had attempted to get Busta Rhymes returned to Amsterdam, where he reportedly flew to London from. After papers were submitted, that motion was denied.

Trott released this statement to the BBC, "The immigration authorities repeated he was to be denied entry and made arrangements to fly him back to Amsterdam on a flight at 0930. Contact was made with the duty High Court judge, Mr. Justice Flaux, who granted an injunction at 0858 to prevent Busta being returned to Amsterdam. He is currently detained pending a decision on temporary admission by the immigration officer. Documents are being prepared to apply for judicial review as early as possible today."

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