Bishop Lamont Disses The Game Calls Him A Sweetheart

Bishop Lamont had more than a lot to say about former label mate The Game. Of course, none of his comments were flattering of the Compton-bred rapper. For most of the interview, Lamont referred to The Game as "Baby Girl," "Sweetheart," and "Star Face."

“Jaceyon is the type of nigga that's bipolar. And he's a phony ass dude,” he told the radio show. “Baby Girl don't want to unify with other fly dudes out here on the West coast. She wants to keep everybody under her…She a hater. Whenever somebody is signed, or is about to blow up, she got an issue with them.”

The two rappers were acquainted even before Bishop Lamont was signed to Aftermath Records. In fact, it was on the set of The Game's "Dreams" that Bishop was introduced to Dr. Dre, who would eventually end up signing him to the Aftermath label.

When asked about The Game's current relationship with Dr. Dre, Bishop Lamont responded, “She [The Game] is heartbroken. She wants to get back to Dre. She misses the milk and cookies. She misses the walks in the park, I guess. You know, going to go get more fake tattoos. Baby girl got the Heineken bottle sticker on her face.”

He was also questioned about the fall-out between The Game and 50 Cent:

“[The Game] is a sweetheart… And when you comfortable with that, you go and get mohawks and 5 billion tattoos that you never had before you got signed. He was about to get dropped if it wasn’t for 50 writing all his hooks… People wanted to jump and believe that Game was the underdog and think that he was the victim. Nah, 50 was the good guy because 50 saved his career. He would have never came out if it wasn't for 50 Cent, and 50 Cent did everything right by him. But there are some missing pieces that 50 ain’t said because he just keeps it G like that, to what really went down, to why he really kicked him out of G-Unit."

Both rappers planned to come together in an effort to unify the West coast, according to Lamont. With The Game’s split from Aftermath, and what Lamont calls The Game’s “disrespect,” those positive hopes were dashed. However, Bishop Lamont assures that he and The Game have no substantial beef.

“I can't have beef with a girl," Bishop said. "I wish dude could be who he really is, and be the good dude that he really can be, but he's so into this maze of being this pretend person. He can't be the beautiful person he can really be, because I’ve seen it sometimes. But you know, Baby Girl is gonna be her. She's gonna put her press-on nails on, she's gonna put the tomato paste on her chest.”

11.11.08 9:04 am [ delete ]
Bishop aint Fronting? Yeah your Rite a FAN would Defend Bishop, But let me ask you this? how can You say Bishop is real when you Dont Know Game or Bishop? I know Both Personal, and I could tell you this, HALF of the things that Bishop raps about aint real, why you think he aint making no hits? why you think DRE didnt have him as a Main Priority? He got Nothing to Rap About, Dont Get me Wrong I aint hating he is Good. He Got Rhymes But As an Artist A thug He trying to be, its a Big Ass Front,. and Its Funny he is Getting him selve in a Whole where Chuck is Going to Burry him, and Bishop wont be able to dig him self out, GAME is the Realist MC youll meet, he aint here To please no one Needs or Ideas he Tells you Like it is, You like it Or Not thats How he is.
11.08.08 11:14 pm [ delete ]
ha atleast bishop bein hella real ... bishop is way better then the game .. game good but not as good as bishop .. shit atleast bishop aint frontin :]
11.07.08 2:41 pm [ delete ]
LMAO Please... This is all I have to say... Bishop beeeeeeeen!!!!! Sign and Till this day this is all I could say " H-A-T-E-R " THIS fOOL IS MAD CAUSE DRE made GAME his Number 1 Project and Guess what, He made a Success. Bishop been sign till this Day He Still Sux... Weak... he Should Hop on 50's dick. HAHAHA * R A I T H * The Black Wall Street.
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