B Real Readies New Album Unveils New Single

With a resume built upon hits, Cypress Hill's B-Real is still not willing to part ways with the microphone. Instead of being content with royalty checks for hits such as "Hand on the Pump" and "How I Could Just Kill a Man," the Los Angeles emcee has created a brand new solo album for fans of "Dr. Greenthumb."

The new album, Smoke N Mirrors will reportedly feature a slew of guests including Snoop Dogg, Buckshot, Sen Dog, Young De, Damian Marley, Sick Jacken, Kurupt and Too Short. The album is said to have production from Alchemist, Soopafly, Scoop Deville and B-Real himself.

B-Real, who spoke with us in late November about Smoke N Mirrors, gave more insight on what fans can expect from the album.

"I tried to create an album that had a lot of substance as opposed to a lot of the stuff out there right now, just bragging about the cars, women, jewelry, money. There’s a lot of that shit out there, didn’t want to fall under that line. I wanted to talk about some things, provoke some thought, inspire and bring people to have a good time. What an album should be: good times, bad times, funny times and the meaningless times, because in life, there are all those things and that’s what I tried to capture in the album."

His single, "Fire" was just released. The Damian Marley-assisted track features Reggae inspired production crafted by B-Real himself.

Smoke N Mirrors is slated for a February 24th release via Audio Hustlaz/Duck Down Records.

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