50 Cent Explains Before I Self Destruct Push Back 2009

"Times are hard," stated 50 Cent, according to Interscope Records. "Everyone is trying to make the most of what they have. I want to give my fans something extra for their hard earned dollars. They'll get a free bonus when they pick up the album."

Fans can rejoice, however, as Before I Self Destruct comes in a deluxe package which includes not only the album and a 90-minute film written, directed and starring 50 , but also a second DVD titeld "Two Turntables And A Microphone: The Life And Death Of Jam Master Jay," a documentary about 50's late mentor and friend.

Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC gave 50 his first break in music by signing him to JMJ Records in the late 1990s. The documentary will feature appearances by 50, Rev Run, Russell Simmons, Jay-Z and others.

"I'm trying to leave the same way I came in," 50 tells MTV. "February 4 [2003], Get Rich or Die Tryin', came out. I drop this album February 3. The time used to take six to eight weeks for us to position a hip-hop record. Now, it's taking 12 to 14 weeks."

"Just the positioning. I'm not comfortable where I'm at right now," he adds. "My song 'Get Up' is performing great. I'm happy with 'Get Up.' It moved faster than 'I Get Money' at radio. But I'm just looking for the opportunity to present more of my material [prior to the album's release]. It's not the strongest effort on my album; it's just a great start for me."

50 went on to note that he will be releasing a "Greatest Hits" record after this and will discuss re-negotiations with his label.

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